Responding To COVID-19

Hunt Street Station’s Response to COVID-19

Updated 1/14/21

Entering Hunt Street Station

  • All members and guests will have to complete a waiver form stating that they don’t have any COVID-19 symptoms including a fever. If they haven’t taken their temperature yet that day, a contactless thermometer will be available to do so.
  • Proper social distancing should be maintained at all times throughout the building, but especially while waiting to complete the waiver form.
  • If any symptoms are present, especially a fever above 100 degrees, the member will be asked to work from home.
  • If any members are found to have not completed the form, they will be asked to leave the building.
  • If a member or guest does not have a mask, our staff will provide one and they will be asked to put on a mask immediately.
  • Masks should be worn at all times in the space except when someone is in their own office, or a micro-office with the door shut.  Individuals must have a mask available inside their office in case anyone knocks and comes in.  Masks must cover the nose and mouth at all times.

Hygiene Guidelines

  • We have placed spray bottles of hand sanitizer around the building for everyone’s convenience. Please feel free to use this to clean your space and your hands, as necessary.
  • Masks will be provided for those who don’t have one, but we ask members, guests, and staff who are in the space daily to provide their own masks as supplies can be difficult to obtain and quantity limits are still in place for many items.
  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds using soap. Use your arm or sleeve when coughing or sneezing, not your hands, and use hand sanitizer if hand washing is not possible. Dispose of any tissues immediately (discard in closed trash cans) and wash your hands or use sanitizer any time you have used tissues.
  • If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19, seek medical attention immediately and please remove yourself from the space. If you feel sick or unwell – stay home.  For further information on how to protect against infection, check out the CDC guidelines.
  • If you learn that you are infected with COVID-19 and you have been to Hunt Street Station in the last 14 days, please inform us immediately so we can take appropriate action.
Workspaces, Meeting Rooms, Lounge, Copy & Mail Areas, Phone Booths: 
  • Common areas, high-traffic areas, door handles, and light switches will be cleaned with sanitizer on a regular basis.
  • Meeting room tables and chairs, credenzas, and remote controls will be cleaned with sanitizer after every meeting.
  • Every member MUST wipe down their work area BEFORE and AFTER they use it.
  • While moving around the building, members are asked to wipe down any common surface area they have touched such as the copy machine, coworking station, or lounge/kitchen countertops. Cleaning supplies will be provided throughout the space.
  • Sanitation stations are located on the 1st and 3rd floor in the open areas and next to the printers. We also have spray bottles of sanitizer in the kitchens to clean any surfaces that are touched.
Workstations (Coworking & De-densification)
  • Each seat needs to be at least six-feet apart for proper social distancing and meeting rooms should have more space between the participants.  Seats may be marked ‘reserved’ to create proper and safe spacing.
  • We’ve purchased multiple HEPA filters that occupy all the spaces in our building to clean the air.
  • Conference room capacity has been reduced to four people for either room. If possible, keep the door open while meeting to maximize airflow.
  • If a member brings food into the building, it should only be enough for themselves and not put out for other people.  In short – please do not share food.
  • We plan to continue to use shared cutlery and flatware, but all items must be washed in the dishwasher. HSS staff will run the dishwasher and will unload it each day.

HVAC System

  • We have installed higher grade filters on all of our furnaces as well as UV lights to help keep our air as clean as possible. We will also be leaving at least one window in each public space open to improve ventilation and provide more fresh air in our space.
  • The furnaces will be set to run more frequently, even when heating and cooling are not needed, to keep air circulating and to maximize fresh air intake