Mcdougall-Hunt Neighborhood Update

Good things are happening in the McDougall-Hunt neighborhood. As a community of
close-knit neighbors and stakeholders, we have been coming together regularly to
address issues and find workable solutions in our community. Throughout the
COVID-19 pandemic organizations and businesses within the community have pivoted
to do business differently as we all work to address the prevailing concerns of residents.
For organizations and businesses, it is an extremely challenging environment to push
projects forward.

Bailey Park Neighborhood Development C

For my organization, Bailey Park Neighborhood Development Corporation (BPNDC),
our main project for 2020 was going to be the development of a Bailey Park, but when
the pandemic hit we realized that we had to do more to assist residents. By May, we
had opened our community hub and started providing services to residents such as;
distribution of PPE supplies, a food pantry, survival bags for the homeless, minor home
repair, neighborhood beautification, lawn care/snow removal services, and virtual
tutoring for youths.

The McDougall-Hunt Neighborhood Association (MHNA) led by Duane Ashford
continued to keep the neighborhood organized and engaged by hosting monthly virtual
or outdoor community meetings, Duane diligently keeps the residents up-to-date and
informed. Together, we partner with Eastside Community Network (ECN) to host
neighborhood committees that focus on open space use and development, mobility and
accessibility, and residential resources.

Hunt Street Station

The Hunt Street Station, one of the most supportive businesses that I have had the
pleasure of working with. They faithfully hold monthly community clean-up events to
help beautify, strengthen, and stabilize our neighborhood. It’s wonderful to know that we
have a partner that recognizes that a clean and beautiful neighborhood is more than
cosmetic, it’s a matter of pride, cohesion, and safety.

Chef Toney, a MDH resident, and high-end private chef, began catering and providing
food to America’s Heroes, the medical staff at the local hospital. Chef Toney continues
to cater from his home and is known for giving plates to residents in need, proving that
small things can make a big difference. Check him out at
It’s been a busy year for other neighborhood organizations as well. Reverend McCarthy
of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) continues relentlessly
advocating on behalf of the homeless in the neighborhood. He has been working with
Team Wellness to clean up the Mack and Mt. Elliott area. Local churches, St. Paul AME
and People’s Baptist Church kept their services going virtually while pushing forward to
help residents.

St. Paul AME

St. Paul AME provided holiday food baskets for more than 50 families in
the neighborhood. People’s Baptist Church was the only daycare in the neighborhood
that kept the doors open for essential workers. Franklin Wright settlements (FWS)
partners with Forgotten Harvest on Mondays to distribute free food boxes to residents.
As a long-time resident, I can honestly say it’s wonderful to see organizations working
together for the betterment of the community. As 2020 ends, and we move forward into
2021, I leave you with the following words of Mahatma Gandhi “You must be the change
you wish to see in the world.”

Peace & Blessings,

Katrina Keeby-Watkins