Our Silver Lining

It’s hard not to note the impact of COVID-19 over the past few months. This is a pandemic that has affected every single person on Earth. Because of that, it can be difficult to escape the constant chatter of the economy, conspiracies, shutdowns, vaccines, and more. However, we want to take a quick moment to highlight some projects we’ve been able to advance or complete within our historic coworking space. Despite shutting down, and the loss of revenue, we’ve been able to work on projects that otherwise may have taken much longer to complete. It’s not much, but we call this our silver lining.

Hunt Street Station’s Improvements

Deck w/ railing 

We finished the railing on our second-floor deck, which we’re planning to open to our members this summer, once we are able to resume business. This addition increases our outdoor spaces from one to two and will allow for even more workspace and event space outside.

Third Floor Countertop

We built this third-floor countertop in the kitchen to create more space for members to eat, work, and prepare food. The countertop is not yet completed, as seen above, but will be soon.

Carpet Repairs

We added underlayment to our carpets on the third floor, creating a quieter space to work for members. In the picture above, you can get a glimpse of what that looks like. We also cleaned the carpets.

Additional Improvements

Cleaning Protocols – In light of COVID-19, we’ve taken extreme steps to improve our cleaning and sanitation protocols. We’ve created clear guidelines on best practices and added sanitation stations, and thermometers for members.

Fence Staining – Weather permitted, we will have our parking lot fence stained within the next few weeks. This will drastically improve the appearance of the fence and ultimately the neighborhood.

Green Space Fertilization – We’ve fertilized and prepared our green space for members over the shutdown. Last year, we opened our green space to members to use, and the public as an event space.

Second-Floor Conference Room – We’ve added a second-floor conference room. The room is nearly completed and provides additional space for meetings.


We’ve tried to find the positives in all this, such as we were able to make these improvements around Hunt Street Station. We hope that as the quarantine and restrictions ease, our current and future members will be able to enjoy these improvements freely. We’re thankful to be in a position where we can make improvements to our building, which ultimately improves the neighborhood in which we reside in.