Businesses in Quarantine

There’s no secret that almost all entrepreneurs and small business owners are struggling during the COVID-19 shutdown. It seems many small businesses we’re even unable to receive financial aid promised by the government. A majority of our conversations at HSS have been on how we can be the best neighbors we can be. One of those conversations led to the launch of our temporary web-series called Businesses in Quarantine.

The Idea

The idea of businesses in Quarantine is to highlight various entrepreneurs and business owners in Detroit. We want to help bring exposure to each episode, talk about creative things they’re doing to stay afloat, and how everyone can benefit. We’ve learned a lot from each episode so far. There’s valuable information for everyone here as we try to span across different industries.


Episode 1: Interview w/ Musician Madelyn Grant

Madelyn shares excellent insight into the struggles facing the entertainment industry. Often, we overlook or don’t appreciate the folks in this industry who rely so heavily on shows or ticket sales. She discusses her attempts to find alternative revenues, and her excellent Facebook Live DJing sessions.

Episode 2: Interview w/ Alex Linebrink, CEO of Passage Ticketing Company

Alex owns a ticketing company. You can imagine how severely impacted by COVID-19 they were. However, Alex has been able to pivot, like all great companies, into online events. If you usually make money from events or are an artist, you should watch this episode.

Episode 3: Interview w/ Aliado Studio

Our friends Lou and Casey own Aliado Studio, a design company that focuses their work on sustainable and ethical businesses. Lou and Casey give some insight on how you can still get the design work you need by working with businesses and being open about your current position.

Episode 4: Interview w/ Justin Jacobs, Founder of ComePlayDetroit

Justin was another individual who made all his revenue through social gatherings. ComePlayDetroit was created to bring people together. Now, Justin is looking to the internet to do that. With NBA 2k leagues, trivia, and other events, Justin seems to have found some footing.

Episode 5: Interview w/ Jose Maldonado, CEO of Handpicked Exports

Jose is an Ecuadorian born, Detroit business owner. COVID-19 has not only affected his business but the individuals he employs back home as well. Jose has some of the most beautiful roses and designs in the city, and yet he may be forced to abandon that. This episode shows some of the tough decisions everyone is faced with.

Episode 6: Interview w/ Rodnesha Ross, Founder of Mogul Life Inc

Rodnesha owns both a business and Non-Profit. Furthermore, she is a mother. Rodnesha gives us a look into the ultimate juggling act. If you are doing the balancing act, this is a great episode to watch.


It’s important that all of us stick together through this. Consider buying locally and donating to your local businesses owners and friends. The large corporations aren’t going anywhere, however, the small stores in your neighborhood that help boost the value of homes and the economy may. If you have any questions on how you can help feel free to reach out to us. As always, stay safe and stay indoors.