“Since our inception, we have served over 300 teenage mothers and children within the Metropolitan-Detroit Area.”

Did you know, 3 in 10 teenage girls will get pregnant at least once before they turn 20? That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. Furthermore, over 50% of teenage mothers never graduate from high school. This is where the Youth Community Agency comes in to play. A proud member of Hunt Street Station since March of 2019, the YCA was created by Rodnesha Ross to ensure high school completion and help curbed homelessness.

The Youth Community Agency’s mission is to mentor and empower teenage mothers with the resources and support they need. The YCA wanted to remind people about the teenage mothers that go forgotten about and to encourage other entrepreneurs/organizations to give back to the Detroit community. Now, they are providing that opportunity with their first ever masquerade gala award ceremony.

At the Masquerade Gala Award Ceremony, individuals and organizations can show their support by donating to the Youth Community Agency’s cause while enjoying a night of entertainment, dancing, food, drinks, and prizes. The goal is to raise $15,000 to fund their housing program and pilot program to provide jobs to their teenage mothers.

This aligns with Hunt Street Station’s core value of being community-minded. It’s crucial to us that we are not just a business. We strive to be a beacon to aspiring entrepreneurs, small businesses and independent creative professionals.

The event takes place on November 10th, from 4pm – 8pm at The Eastern. If you are willing to be a sponsor, email the YCA at info@youthcommunityagency.org

If you have any questions about Hunt Street Station’s involvement, or joining our wonderful coworking space to be surrounded by awesome members such as Rodnesha. Email us at alex@huntstreetstation.com