Passage Ticketing Company Raises 500k With The Help of Hunt Street Station

At Hunt Street Station we have five core values. They are: Hospitality, Innovation, Community Minded, Fair, and Member Success. When it comes to member success, we want to help our members build better businesses through teaching, learning, sharing, and providing resources. We celebrate when a member grows beyond our space. In the case of Passage Ticketing Company, our core value came alive in the form of financial resources. Recently, Passage raised 500 thousand dollars with the help of Hunt Street Station.

Passage, headquartered right here in Hunt Street Station, powers event ticketing and payments for thousands of events around the world. Hunt Street Station uses Passage for all our events due to the simplicity of the site, and the fact we try to support all Detroit based companies!

Founded in 2014 by Alex Linebrink, Passage looks to combat ridiculously high service fees, rampant ticket fraud, and unfair revenue splits using the power of block chain technology.

What makes Passage different?

Unlike other generic “one-size-fits-all” ticketing providers. Passage provides a customized white-label experience to let you showcase your event like never before. Beautifully custom event pages, built-in marketing to fans, and pro-level features make your life easier. Passage will help you reach more fans and sell more tickets to your next event.

Hunt Street Station’s Role:

Hunt Street Station’s co-owner, Matthew Morin, was able to connect Alex to a local investor that spurred a chain reaction. We often look for these types of opportunities for our members though not always financially. Asking members how we can help them grow, who their ideal client is, and other questions helps us to be attentive to each of our members needs. Recently, a Detroit entrepreneur saved over $1,000 by joining Hunt Street Station. 

The 500 thousand dollars that passage raised are being used to grow their team, improve their platform, and service even more events.

Interested in Passage? You can sign up for free at, see some events already using Passage here, or reach out to the CEO, Alex Linebrink, at