Top Locations to Podcast in Detroit

by | Apr 18, 2019

Are you thinking about starting a podcast this year? Looking for the right space to make your vision come to life? You’re not alone, in June of 2018 Apple reported that it hosted 550,000 podcasts and has seen that number jump to 660,000 in nearly a year. Better yet, avid listeners are on the rise as well. A Nielsen survey reported 16 million podcast fans in 2017. Podcasting is becoming more prevalent than ever and is a great way to connect with an audience and grow your business.

Below we have compiled a short list of our top locations to start a podcast in Detroit! Enjoy.

1. The Detroit Foundation Hotel

We admit it, The Detroit Foundation Hotel’s podcast room is pretty awesome. Take a look at it below.


The Detroit Foundation’s podcast space is bookable to both guests and non-guests for free up to two hours. Hotel podcast pricing typically varies between $30-$175 per hour and often carry the commodity of convenience for travelers. Some suggest that hotel podcast studios may become as common as free wi-fi as hotels attempt to compete with each other. We’re unsure what the fee is after the first two booking hours, or how the sound quality is, but the space is beautiful.

2. Hunt Street Station

You read that right, we have space for podcasting in our building. We installed the equipment in March of 2019 and are proud to offer another amenity to our members and community. Take a look at the space below.

The space is available to members as conference room credits. Each member, depending on the tier of membership receives credits per month to use conference rooms/podcast room. A standard floating desk member receives 6 hours per month. We also rent out the space at $35 per hour to non-members. Book the space here. Podcasting is becoming a central piece to young entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and people looking for new hobbies. We’re simply attempting to bridge the gap between dreams and accessibility. Also, if you aren’t already comfortable with putting together a podcast, look for future posts and learning sessions where we will share tips and tricks to help get you started. We’re dog friendly too!!!

3. Podcast Detroit

Quite possibly the most reputable podcast in Detroit. Podcast Detroit hosts over 100 shows in five different studios and attract 4 million monthly listeners. Most recently, they opened a location in midtown in the Detroit Shipping co. Take a look at their space below.

Podcast Detroit’s rates start at $60 per hour for their midtown location. Although rates are higher, it’s a great location for podcasters who have the money or don’t have specific skill sets to start out.