So you’re considering joining a coworking space?

Perhaps it’s something you’ve considered, but have never really followed up with. Maybe it’s still a concept you don’t fully understand, “Coworking? it sounds like a group project.” Regardless, coworking spaces are popping up in every major city around the world and according to the latest Global Coworking Survey around 1.7 million people will be members of a coworking space by the end of 2018.

Even major corporations such as Verizon, IBM, Ford, and more are partnering up with coworking spaces to provide spaces and opportunities for their employees. The days of needing 5,000 sq. ft. facilities to operate a business are behind us. More people are choosing alternative options to brick and mortar and it’s more possible than ever to start your own business with just a computer.

Here are five reasons you may want to stay ahead of the curve and join a coworking space.

1. Networking/Connections

It is called coworking right? A member that is an app developer might have no knowledge of accounting, while a member that is an accountant could struggle to apply mobile technology to their business. However, that developer might need help managing their business’ finances and even a quick conversation might help that accountant figure out how to leverage an app to improve productivity. This is just a simple example, but it highlights one of the crucial benefits of joining a coworking space. It’s like the Plover bird and the Crocodile. Two different species that coexist together. The Plover Bird cleans the Crocodiles teeth but also gets fed in the process, and by not eating the bird the Crocodile get it’s mouth cleaned (just to clarify, to date, no one has been eaten at Hunt Street Station…).

By joining a coworking space, you are more likely to meet individuals who can help expand, grow, or introduce new ideas to your business. At the very least you meet someone new. At places like Hunt Street Station, there are plenty of opportunities, and events for networking which provides a lot of value to our members.

2. Change of Scenery

There’s a different “vibe” so to speak when you go somewhere else to work. At least that’s how one of our members, Sean Kellehan, describes working at Hunt Street Station. Working at home is definitely a luxury. Some people take advantage of and thrive with that luxury. Others, however, aren’t nearly as productive as they need to be too be successful. Working at home can be filled with distractions from daily chores to your favorite Netflix show demanding you to find out what happens next!

Sometimes, a change of scenery is necessary and beneficial for people looking to be more productive. Even better, some companies will actually pay for this! You might be surprised if you ask your human resource manager what kind of alternatives they offer. If working from home is dull, or distracting, coworking may be the right option for you.

3. Amenities

Working at coworking spaces isn’t just about the connections or change of scenery. There’s usually a list of amenities you can capitalize on also. Depending on what type of plan you go with, the amenities may even outweigh, or come close to outweighing the cost. Consider this when looking at joining coworking spaces.

Hunt Street Station, for example, offers a wide variety of amenities and we are always looking to expand those for our members. Some of the amenities we offer include: Free Parking, free WiFi, coffee & tea, bi-monthly yoga, event space, a podcasting room, conference rooms, dog friendly spaces, discounted dry cleaning, proximity to Eastern Market, printing, and a soon to be completed outdoor deck.

4. Financial Reasons

Sure, you’re spending money on coworking spaces, depending on the organization or amount of space, sometimes thousands of dollars. However, most times that is still cheaper than what you would pay having your own facility. A small organization at Hunt Street Station can rent out two offices and a few hot desks for around $2,000 per month, which includes all of the amenities, taxes, utilities, etc. How much would that same organization pay to have a small office building? The math isn’t even close.

One gentleman came to Hunt Street Station recently, he worked at a location we won’t disclose but he was buying a cup of coffee each day there. At least one cup, close to 7 days a week. For the sake of it let’s say he spent $4 a day 24 days a month. That’s $96 a month on coffee alone. Hunt Street Station offers hot desks at $149 a month, just $53 more, and it comes with house roasted coffee from our own Nomad Coffee and in case you are a real coffee snob, at last count we had at least five different ways to make that brew!

5. Staying Ahead of the Curve

By this we don’t mean being cool. Although there’s nothing wrong with that. Some coworking spaces even have us dropping our jaws! We mean joining a coworking space before prices begin to skyrocket because let’s face it, the more demand there is for coworking spaces the more people will charge. If you can stay ahead of the curve you may find yourself grateful when some of your colleagues find that the offers you had no longer exist.

In Conclusion…

Joining a coworking space may seem like a huge decision to make, especially if you’re moving multiple employees or have to consider changing your business cards. However, the rewards certainly outweigh those minor inconveniences. If you can find a place that’s affordable, with a good community manager (our ownership and managers are onsite daily), and amenities that directly benefit your business, you’re in luck. Those may not be things that make or break a business, but they certainly help.

If you have more questions about what coworking spaces can offer, particularly Hunt Street Station, feel free to contact our community manager via email at

Don’t forget to follow us on social media and we hope to see you in our space soon! 


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