Have you ever asked your employer if they offer stipends or reimbursements for coworking or shared workspaces?

Well perhaps you should! More businesses are offering stipends, or reimbursements to allow their employees the ability to work offsite, as recent studies show an increase in productivity. Even more businesses are hiring individuals from across the country, or even the world. Which means these employees (maybe even you), need a place to work. By 2020, the remote workspace is estimated to account for 75% of the U.S. labor pool. Employers such as Ford, Verizon, and IBM are rapidly moving employees into coworking spaces, and smaller businesses are following suit too.

It’s true, working from home can be very nice and relaxing some days. However, spending large quantities of your day over a period of time locked in a room without human interaction can become toxic and maddening. Many studies point to individuals being more creative, productive, and overall just happier when working in coworking spaces, such as ours!

Why Hunt Street Station?

A membership at Hunt Street Station has many benefits and there’s a chance your employer will cover part of the cost of membership. We offer basic amenities such as quality wi-fi, coffee & tea, mailboxes, printing & scanning, conference room space, and free parking. On top of these basics, we also offer special amenities such as bi-weekly yoga classes, discounted dry cleaning service, and close proximity to Detroit’s Eastern Market. We currently have two members whose costs are reimbursed by their employers. So, talk to your HR department today. If you have any questions or need some stats to back up your request, email Alex at alex@huntstreetstation.com. We can provide any documentation you may need to start your membership today!


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Our List of Companies who offer reimbursements include:

  • Dove Logistics
  • Edfuel