Start your story in Detroit’s most historic co-working space. 

Hunt Street Station is a coworking space in Detroit designed for independent creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and small but growing businesses.

Supportive, Community-minded, and affordable. Here you’ll find all the resources you need, all within a historic police station remodeled with creative workspaces just for you. Come see why over 60 people and 30 businesses call Hunt Street Station home.































More Than Just A Business

Working at Hunt Street Station is about being apart of a community, and making your own history in the process. Everyone is facing many of the same challenges and here you can surround yourself with people that help inspire you to reach that next level. We encourage a healthy level of networking, as well as providing resources in a space that doesn’t break your bank. 

Why Hunt Street Station?

Hospitality Innovation Member Success Community Focus
You should feel comfortable where you work. You won’t always notice us, but we’re committed to making sure you have everything you need. Helping you to focus on what really matters. Feel good about how you work. We embody fearless creativity and innovation through refreshing ideas. Embrace a support structure that helps you take chances and create new things. Your success is our success. It’s as simple as that. Through teaching, resource sharing, and partnerships, your business will have all the tools it needs + pricing structures that are affordable and allow you to grow. We celebrate when you succeed. We emphasize the community both within our building and our city. Committed to community service, providing opportunities, and fostering an environment that encourages you.
History Lighting User-Friendly
A co-working space like no other. Renovated to fit your needs. Skip the corporate office feel and see how our unique environment impacts your work. Natural light that gives you energy. Give your mind clarity in our well-lit spaces. Large windows and bright spaces how you see your ideas clearly. Brighten things up a little. Enjoy a space made for you. Feel supported in the areas you work, eat, and sit. Comfortable chairs, room to move, places to grow.
Capacious Greenery Resourceful
Open spaces that help you not to feel bottled in. Quiet spaces to hone in on work. Switch it up, and enjoy the space every way you can. Plants that help you breathe and make you happy. With more plant life and green spaces to come, enjoy a healthier space. Enjoy a clearer mind. 120 year old doors converted to tables, recycled wood used for office trim, parking grids that help water return to nature. A resourcefulness that will make you feel good about choosing our space, because the environment is important.

Everything you need and expect,

and plenty more:

  • Free Parking (Quit Paying Two Memberships for the Price of One)
  • 24/7 Access; 365 Days a Year
  • Free Coffee and Free Tea
  • Fully Equipped Conference Rooms
  • Discounted Massages On-Site (Via Eastern Market Wellness)
  • Weekly Yoga
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Home-Brewed Beer on Tap
  • Access to Events, Learning Sessions & Other Programming
  • Printers/Copiers/Scanners
  • Discounted Event Space
  • Fully Equiped Podcast Room
  • Dog Friendly
  • Bike Parking
  • Quiet Areas & Creative Spaces

Because Sometimes It’s Nice to Not Feel Alone


Join us for Friday Happy Hour and make a new friend

Showcase your latest product, get thoughts on your big ideas, or explore our various learning sessions

Expand your network and your horizons, meet our members below:

Because your word means more to your circle than ours..

and we know that

After 1 month of being a member all our members are enrolled into our referral program. For each individual you refer to us who signs a membership agreement, we’ll take $100 your next invoice. Save money, invite your friends, it’s as simple as that! 

Membership Options

Elbow Room (Bare Minimum)

Hot Desks

$99 Per Month

A space without all the extras. Find a free desk and work there for the day.

No Conference Room Credits, Limited Printer Usage.

Best For:

Freelancers and creative professionals who don’t meet with clients reguarly. Part-time workers and remote workers, who need to escape the house or noisey coffee shops.

$149 Per Month

Always available room. Choose a space and it’s yours for the day. Enjoy all the amenities as well.

Best For:

Freelancers and Creative Professionals on the go. Small teams and startups with a tight budget.


Dedicated Desk

Private Office

$275 Per Month

A permanent home. You can do just one for yourself, or several together for your team. Give your business a home.

Best For

Busy freelancers and creative professionals. Small businesses and startups. Find your HQ here.

Starting at $499 Per Month

One for yourself or small team, or multiple together for expanding businesses. Close the door for privacy, enjoy the space.

Best For

small businesses who need flexibility or are expanding. Companies who need multiple spaces.

Meeting/Podcast Rooms

Whether it’s our brick exposed large conference room, french doors that open to the outside for a refreshing meeting, or basement conference room that also transforms into a podcast space. We have unique spaces for you from 2-14 people. Available to the public.

Event Space

Imagine the look of your guest’s face when they find out that they are standing where the first police academy in the nation once was on our third floor with large open windows and high ceilings, or on the 1st floor with 125 year old refurbished floors, wood, and ceilings handcrafted a century ago. We’ve hosted 40 various events in less than a year,  be the next to book yours.

Employer Stipends for Coworking

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Partnership between Community & the Arts

The Event: On Friday, June 2nd, 2018, Detroit Passport to the Arts will be hosting a happy hour at Hunt Street Station. However, this is no normal happy hour. It's the beginning of a partnership between community and the arts. Filled with live music, food, drinks, and...

5 Tips for Opening a Coworking Space

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Welcome to the Hunt (Street Station)

What is Hunt Street Station? Well for beginners, the question isn't "what," the answer to that is simple. Hunt Street Station is a historic police station converted into coworking space. No, the better question is "why," as in, why Hunt Street Station? And to get to...


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